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3D Electromagnetic Field Simulations in Grid Computing Environment

Grid Computing provides a very interesting possibility of utilizing many computing resources for 3D electromagnetic simulations. If the simulations which have to be run are independent of each other, which is the case for parametric studies and partially also for optimizations and genetic generations, then Grid Computing can be employed very efficiently.

Current reserach with the emGine Environment involves its deployment on Grid'5000 using TUNe. This work is being done in co-operation with LAAS-CNRS.

Within Grid-enabled emGine Environment we are able to run hundreds of simulations simultaneously. This opens up novel capabilities for microwave design, like genetic generations of electromagnetic structures (see below).


emGine Cluster - 3D Field Simulations on Computing Clusters

To speed-up the design, optimizations and generations of microwave structures, emGine Cluster is used.


Genetic Generations of Electromagnetic Structures

Genetic generations of microwave structures enables design of novel structures having prescribed characteristics without complete prior knowledge about the structure.


Microwave Simulations in Free-space using Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) Method with Integers

With the TLM method it is possible to simulate free-space problems with integers only.


Transmission Line Matrix - Multipole Expansion (TLMME) Method

The Transmission Line Matrix - Multipole Expansion (TLMME) method has been the topic for my PhD thesis. The method focuses on an accurate modeling of the radiated electromagnetic field. Additional information can be found on the official web page for the TLMME dissertation.


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